iDDRace mod.

iDDRace - is open source modification of DDRace (3DA's DDRace and later GreYFoX's & BTD's DDRace) mod. iDDRace was created by Shahan&Pikotee specially for [iPod] Clan. iDDRace is not actually maintained. There is a newer implementation of iDDRace idea by [SN] Snoop! is now called iDDNet (as it is based on DDNet mod)

The main features are /r rescue system and dummies.

Dummy - is inactive bot. In iDDRace it was coded firstly for training and fun. Now it used for map testing and alone races. You can use speacial chat commands and teleport dummy to you, change poses between you and dummy, control dummy, and make it to copy all you movements. In iDDRace to call dummy you need to type /d or /dummy in chat. Then dummy will enter the game with you name but with prefix [D].

Another feature - rescue system. It's one of the most popular DDRace editions. If rescue is available on server, player can teleport from freeze to the last saved position. Position saves automatically if player stay on the ground and doesn't move. In freeze player need to type /r to activate rescue teleport. Rescue system made for easier DDracing. It's very useful for training or playing without helper, especially if player is not good in DDRace.

Don't forget, that iDDRace is modification of DDRace, so it's the same DDRace but with some features.


Tutorial by HeroiAmarelo:

Beautiful Trailer for iDDRace tournament by Warch: (russian version)


iDDRace: Source on github

iDDNet (iDDRace based on DDRaceNetwork) by [SN] Snoop!: Source on github

DDNet (DDRaceNetwork): official website

Original Chat commands

Chat command Short Description
/rescue /r Teleport your player from freeze zone to the last saved position with unfreezeing. Position saves automatically if you are not moving and grounded.
/dummy /d If your dummy not exist - it creates your dummy. In other ways dummy teleports to you.
/dummy_change /dc You player exchanges positions with your dummy.
/dummy_del /dd Delete your dummy.
/control_dummy /cd You player pausing and spectating your dummy. You can fully control your dummy.
/dummy_copy_move /dcm Your dummy repeat all you actions.
/dummy_hammer /dh Your dummy looks up and hammers (for performing hammerfly with you).
/dummy_hammer_fly /dhf Your dummy looks at your and hammers you only when you are close enough and move in correct direction (allows to perform even horizontal hammer fly with dummy).


Short history:
[iPod] Rainboow decided to create clan mod on 0.5.2 and started working together with {Inc.}Pikotee with +DDRace mod. Some time later [iPod] Shahan joined coding, mod was renamed to iDDRace, Pikotee joined [iPod] Clan, Rainboow left coder team.

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