Credits © Copyrights

1. Some parts of design were copied from and edited by clan team.
2. This website designed by eGuru and Shahan.
3. The logo picture (also presented in favicon) considered by authors's rights.

Clan name:
1. [iPod] is our clan name, choosen for fun. Word was copied from Apple iPod
2. [iPod] Clan was created by Tobi and Rainboow in 2010.

iDDRace is [iPod] Clan project, idea of Dummies or any bots on DDRace belongs to Pikotee.

1. Webhost -

2. Domain name registration -
3. Forum - deprecated
4. Wiki - coded from scratch ourself
5. Chat - coded from scratch ourself
6. Chat hosting -

Breaking author's rights:
If you think or know, that our [iPod] Clan breaks authors rights or infringes laws, please write about it to chat. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.